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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Fxdailypipz offers a copytrader software that copies all our daily trades straight to your mt4 or mt5 for a subscription. Say goodbye to manual trading.

What’s the minimum?

$500 usd to copy all our pairs 

$200 but you will need to exclude some pairs 

What’s the max drawdown?

The avg max drawdown is around 30% on the smallest account.

How much can you profit?

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. We avg about 30% – 50% profit monthly. All depends on market conditions.

Can you show proof/results?

We post weekly results and monthly results in our free telegram chat. Join here – 

Do I need a vps?

Yes, a vps is required to have the copytrader software running 24/7. 

The vps we use

Can I use any broker?

Yes, you can use any broker. However, for the best results use our broker –

How do you install and set lot sizes?

After purchase you will receive a manual on how to install and will have a lot size recommendation chart.